9th May 2021

Superheroes and super villains. Being health food specialists, we’ve often wondered what would have happened if our beloved characters from DC and Marvel had consumed their fair share of superfoods. 

Double powers perhaps? Or a sudden onslaught of insane abilities to do absolutely everything? 

Probably a little far-fetched but there is no denying the superpower of superfoods. Here at Peel, we always aim to encourage and inspire, so here’s our list of top ingredients which may just help you to achieve the impossible…

Goji Berries of the Galaxy 

Perhaps the prettiest of the berries, these tiny fruits will add a beautiful vibrant pink hue to any dish.  

Often consumed in their dried form these wonder berries are known for their antioxidant properties as well as their ability to support and enhance immunity 

The easiest way to add these to your diet is to mix them into your cereal, granola, juice blends and shakes.

Avocado Panther 

Avocados have become the trendy superfood of young hipsters who love to pollute our Instagram feeds with their Avocado on toast curated set-ups!

There’s no denying the powerful worth of this squishy green substance though.

Amongst its many health benefits, one of the most important is its ability to keep cholesterol at bay which in turn removes the risk of heart disease. This is because avocados help to reduce low-density lipoprotein particles which are a major contributing factor to plaque build-up in the arteries. 

Seaweed Daredevil 

Seaweed may sound like an unpopular choice of superfood but found in the sea, these forms of algae are high in vitamins and minerals.  

Eating seaweed can successfully support your gut health whilst also reducing the risk of heart disease. Its most popular forms are nori, kelp, wakame and dulse which range from moist sheeted seaweed commonly found in sushi rolls to dry, crispy and flaked seaweed often eaten as a quick snack. 

Matcha Marvel 

Matcha is usually consumed in its vibrant green tea powder form and can be added into products such as lattes, smoothies, porridge and pancake mixes. 

It possesses a very high content of L-theanine, which is a non-protein amino acid known to reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia. 

In addition, matcha contains a powerful antioxidant content, can aid weight loss, boost concentration and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. 

Acai Avenger  

Acai berries are usually described as a cross between blueberries and unsweetened chocolate when it comes to taste. 

When it comes to health benefits though, these small superfoods boast a dense nutritional content as well as antioxidant properties.  

Some studies have shown that eating acai berries can induce an anti-cancer effect, although more research is needed in this area. 

Soy Superman 

Soy often gets overlooked in the battle of what constitutes a superfood, but there is strong evidence to suggest that it does provide many health benefits.  

Soy protein sources can include soy milk, tofu, soy burgers and protein powders. Research has suggested that soy consumption can reduce menopausal symptoms as well as ward off prostate cancer in men. This is because soy contains a plant hormone which mimics the human hormone estrogen which plays an important role in the fight against the two.  

Captain Kefir 

Kefir is relatively new to the superfoods ensemble but packs a punch nevertheless. Kefir is a fermented milk product which can be consumed by drinking. 

It promotes optimal digestive health as well as boosting immunity due to its good bacteria and high vitamin content.  

Kefir also contributes to the production of serotonin by acting as a source of the amino acid tryptophan which is needed to make serotonin in the first place. And we all know serotonin is the feel-good hormone which can help stabilise our moods and feelings of wellbeing and happiness.