9th March 2018

6 foundation principles of health

In my experience as a trainer I have come to realize that the body and mind need more than a quick fix when it comes to meeting goals. Today’s fast paced lives mixed with a distinct lack of physical movement for long periods highlights how the body cannot cope with stress, whether that be physical, emotional, electromagnetic, nutritional, or chemical stress.

Four key areas of focus


Adequate time devoted to relaxation, introspection, rest, and recovery. When we suppress Quiet it’s easy to perceive we can achieve what we want through material means and objects, whether this is with a new car, clothes, money, drugs. This is obvious when we see celebrities who appear to have it all yet are still not happy. If we don’t look within, we go without!


A reminder that we become what we eat. So, if you think negatively, you judge people, you don’t like what you see in the mirror then this can be largely down to what we eat. Every single second our cells are being renewed with what we fuel ourselves with, quite amazing if you think about it. Millions of people put their bodies health secondary to cheap crap food that doesn’t bear any resemblance to what the body is designed to eat. Failure to eat the right foods leads our bodies to dysfunction and disease.


Either too much or too little movement is detrimental to our whole health, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Some people move too much, some people not enough. Modern day living, and its conveniences have made it much easier not to move. The TV and a desk job spring to mind when thinking of times, the body can go hours without any movement. Excessive exercise on the other hand, when coupled with various forms of stress can lead to injury. Strike a balance!


I don’t see many people smiling, ever! So already that tells a story of how a society we feel. Most people aren’t happy. Work out what you love and have a goal, having this will likely make you value life more and therefore be happier and more successful in whatever you undertake.

Good Health!


My goal is providing you with the action steps to getting into the best shape of your life, I also am here to provide you with the support that you need to make it happen. Call or email now to get started on a lifestyle change that will get you fit and healthy for life!

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