23rd January 2021

These days it seems like every other social media influencer is trying to push the latest detox challenge down our Instagram throats. With posts galore telling us we should give up this and say bye to that for our bodies to be purified of toxins, it’s no wonder a lot of us are left feeling slightly clueless about what exactly we should do.  

Juice detoxes have been around for some time and a lot of you may have even come across somebody who was doing the “juice diet”. But have you ever thought about giving it a go?  

We at Peel have significant understanding and knowledge about how “juicing” can be a beneficial lifestyle choice if completed responsibly and at the right time. It’s not easy to replace meals with liquids, especially if you’ve never done it before, so we’re here to offer some useful advice on why it might be for you. 

What exactly is a Juice Detox? 

View it as a “Juice Fast” involving the consumption of nothing but liquid made entirely of fruit and vegetables for a short period of time; usually 1-5 days. The aim is to cleanse the body, flush out toxins, and rid your body of waste. But what do all these cliches really mean and does the science back up the claims? 

Provides a Quick Reset 

We don’t recommend juice-only fasts in abundance or sticking at them for long periods of time. The detox is meant to provide you with a quick reset and can be especially useful after a period of overindulgence. A break from the usual will give your body the chance to get rid of any sitting waste and embark on a positive feeling of freshness.  

Once your juice days are complete, we recommend you go back to consuming a variety of wholesome foods at a calorie intake which is suitable for your Body Mass Index (BMI). 

Easy Way to Obtain Nutrients 

It’s not easy to consume the recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables, especially during lockdown when many of us would much rather head to the junk drawer.  

Juicing allows us to obtain the necessary nutrients in a method which is quick and effective, but also quite tasty. Some of the vitamin increases linked with juicing are beta-carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, selenium and folate, which themselves are associated with boosted immunity and healthy skin (Kiefer, Prock, Lawrence, et al, 2004).  

Juicing could be the kickstart you need, but once your juice days are over, we recommend you continue the momentum by consuming whole fruits and vegetables. 

Boosts Energy 

Without all the refined sugar, stodgy carbs, and other processed foods, it’s no revelation that a juice detox will give you a boost in energy.  

Fruits and vegetables are known to stabilize blood sugar levels because they are disaccharides. This means they contain sucrose which first needs to be broken down by the body before it can be absorbed, resulting in lower insulin spikes (Groves, 2018). 

A fact you may not know 

There is evidence to suggest that regular juicing may reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. The American Journal of Medicine published a study conducted in 2006 which revealed that fruit and vegetable juices which contained a high concentration of polyphenols played an important role in delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s, especially amongst those who were at high risk of developing the disease (Dai, Borenstein, Wu, et al, 2006).  

Polyphenols are the most abundant dietary antioxidants which possess stronger neuroprotection against hydrogen peroxide; a corrosive compound linked to the onslaught of Alzheimer’s. 

What “juicing” does NOT do 

Although a juice-only detox can help to aid the removal of stubborn fat, it should not be relied on as a long-term solution to overall weight loss.  

Embark on a quick cleanse every few months and then resume eating in the healthy and recommended way. This of course can include a juice a day to help you consume vital ingredients to meet your daily nutritional goals.  

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