14th February 2021

16th February is Pancake Day. The day where traditionally we empty our stock of milk, eggs, butter and sugar to mix, whip and flip those pancakes. Whilst most of us succeed with the toss, some of us are left with a massive splat of sugary yumminess on the floor!

It’s a day to bring the family together, get the kids involved, or if you’re single, simply indulge in sweet round delights.

Here at Peel however, we always like to think of alternatives to the norm. Pancakes are great but creating them with a twist and injecting them with a dose of healthiness won’t do you any harm.

In fact, it might inspire you to keep flipping the pancakes way beyond Pancake Day and incorporate them into your weekly diet.

Say no to dairy

These days the market is flooded with milk-replacement options so you’re never short on choice when trying to swap out the dairy. Coconut milk is generally considered the better alternatives to cow’s milk when it comes to making your pancakes.

It’s lower in calories than traditional cow’s milk and show’s evidence of positively aiding weight loss and metabolism.

Go healthy on the toppings

Who doesn’t love a pancake drenched in syrup with a thick spread of Nutella and whipped cream? We’re right there with you, but if you’re trying to reduce those calories and keep the macros in check, then slathering your pancake in chocolate and cream probably isn’t the best idea.

Our tip is to keep it simple with fresh fruit. Strawberries, blueberries, and bananas always work but so do cherries and nectarines. Try it!

And if you really want a chocolatey taste, go for a sprinkle of cacoa nibs with homemade dark chocolate sauce infused with chia seeds. It works a delight.

Pack them with protein

Protein can exist in various forms, but when it comes to pancakes, the easiest way to pack the punch is to mix protein powder into the batter.

The health benefits of protein are plenty, and whey protein powder has been proven to promote muscle growth, lower blood pressure, help reduce inflammation and enhance the body’s antioxidant defences (Anarson, 2017).

Try adding some spinach

Pancakes don’t always have to be viewed as a sugary indulgent treat. In fact, you can quite easily make them nutritiously beneficial by adding a cup of fresh spinach into the mix.

Spinach is full of iron and other useful nutrients, so by including it in your pancakes you’re ensuring your sweet treat is also packed with greens.

It might sound off, but Spinach Pancakes look and taste amazing! Recipes are readily available through a simple internet search.

Consider using alternative flour

You don’t always need to use traditional flour to make your pancakes. Some healthy alternatives include coconut flour, almond flour and quinoa flour.

The benefit of alternative flours is they can suit grain-free and gluten-free diets. They are also generally higher in protein, fiber and healthy fats, and can contribute to overall heart-health.

Think outside the box

Your pancake can be made from whatever you want. Which means it can completely avoid milk, eggs, butter and sugar altogether.

Get creative this year and try using sweet potato, banana or oatmeal as your base ingredient. All three work a treat and the consistency and taste might surprise you.

Remember, whatever you choose to flip this Pancake Day, make sure you’re having fun and enjoying what’s on your plate!

Pancakes at Peel

Peel will be serving one-off vegan protein pancakes from Tuesday until stocks last. So get your orders in!

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