25th August 2017

Hi there

We’re the Gym Group, a totally new way to exercise. Affordable, high-spec nationwide gyms, that make absolutely everybody feel welcome.

Whatever your starting point, and wherever you want to go, we can help.

So we’re for everyone who’s had enough of the unbelievably-expensive-monthly-contract gym, or the make-me-feel-judged-the-moment-I-walk-through-the-door gym.

As you might expect we’re growing fast, and there are new Gyms popping up all over the country. And it’s not just new members we’re winning – we won the ‘Budget Gym of the Year Award’ at the National Fitness Awards 2011.

We believe in balance

Helping the UK to achieve a healthy balance, to be more precise. We think everybody deserves the support to reach their goals whatever they are, and without paying a premium or being tied into a contract.

That’s why we offer no pressure membership that you can stop and start whenever you want. Instead of being tied to a year’s contract, and opening hours that just don’t suit lots of us, like shift workers and students, you can have exactly the way you want it.

For a start we’re open 24/7, almost every day of the year. And we won’t make you sign a contract that ties you in. All we’ll do is give you the exact amount of encouragement and support you need.

As well as helping the Great British public, we do our bit to make the world healthier and greener too. You’ll find everything we do to run The Gym as sustainably as possible laid out in black and white in our Green Policy.

Let’s Talk About Training

In The Gym you have access to great quality equipment and lots of space to allow you to train as hard as you want.  We encourage you to keep your rest periods to the minimum needed, try not get distracted from your workout and make your training time count.  Leave your phone locked in the changing room or use it just for music, move with a purpose and don’t spend time sitting on equipment when you could be training!  You should be able to get everything done in around an hour if you work efficiently.

Ask yourself a couple of questions:  “Do I know how hard I need to work to get results?” and “Am I motivated to actually work that hard?”  If the answer to those questions is “yes”, then great.  If not, then you may want to consider using one of Personal Trainers.  Our PTs will quickly show you how hard you need to train in order to see results fast and all of them are experts at motivating you through the hardest of workouts. If you want to contact a personal trainer for more information, speak to Simon one of the gym groups greatest trainers. Phone-07891799758 or email enquires@realworldpt.co.uk

Let’s Talk About Food

The old saying “you can’t out run a bad diet” is certainly true.  The best training regime is only effective if supported by sensible, healthy eating.  We all find ourselves in the situation where we don’t have time to prepare food in advance, so your best option is to go for something that is freshly made and as unprocessed as possible.  Generally speaking, buying hot food is going to be healthier than sandwiches (obviously you need to be avoiding those pastries and chips and burgers!).  Salads where you can choose what is included are going to be better than pre-packaged (as long as you make healthy choices).  Try and include protein in every meal and limit your starchy carbohydrates if you are trying to shed body fat.

Fancy Trying Out The Gym For Free!

The Gym is located a 2 minute walk from peel juice bar, we are on the station square in phoenix house. Easily accessible with 3 hours free parking, 24/7 access and NO contract for just a small price of 15.99 per month.

Why not come down and take a look around or give us try. To do a free session visit www.thegymgroup.com/join-now select ‘Milton Keynes’ and choose day pass and the date you wish to use the pass. Then enter the code ‘TRYUS’ in the promotional box where it states ‘Do you have a promotional code. Finish completing the details and you will receive a pin number which will give you access to the gym for the date selected for FREE!

As a special offer for Peel Juice members you can get a reduced Joining Fee simply by emailing paula.sinfield@thegymgroup.com